New Polyvagal Informed Children’s Book Published

I am pleased to announce that we have just released our polyvagal theory informed children’s book called “Safe and Sound a story about a little girl who overcomes fear”.  The book has been endorsed by Dr Stephen Porges ( the creator of Polyvagal Theory) and Dr Mona Delahooke ( Paediatric […] Read more »

New Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Research shows that training group home staff in Mindfulness helps improve their emotional well being and lower the incidents of behaviours of concern in their clients.

Providing ADHC group home staff with brief training in mindfulness based stress reduction practice can help to reduce behaviours of concern exhibited by clients, and contributes to staff emotional well being. Results of a controlled feasibility study by ADHC practitioners Paul North and Beth Matters in Southern Region. July 2012  Why […] Read more »

Hello world!

Hello Everyone, Partnerships Plus is up and running.  In this blog I want to talk about all types of things related to the latest research on interpersonal neurobiology, mindfulness based stress reduction, polyvagal theory, weight loss, health and wellbeing, raw food and spirituality.  I hope you find it interesting and […] Read more »