At Partnerships Plus our sole aim is to assist you to reach your optimal level of health and wellbeing.  Life can be challenging and the path to happiness and fulfilment can be elusive.  However, with the help and guidance of people who have a wealth of life experience and a scientific approach, that path can be discovered, embarked upon and dreams realised.  

So what is wellbeing?  Incredibly, our natural predisposition is to be well.  We each have a remarkable body that, given the right nutrients, love and attention will repair most ills and recover from most injuries.  Yet how do we find the keys to unlock the doors to a better lifestyle?  This can be very difficult in a world that is obsessed with making a dollar with little or no concern for the impact of that process.  Where we are encouraged to think that happiness resides in a 2nd or 3rd TV, a new car and processed unnatural, highly calorific food.  If that were the case we would live in utopia!  How many of you reading this page have tried to make yourself happy with buying a new item, going on a new diet and reading another self help book?  Did what you find last?  For the vast majority, sadly, the new item loses it’s appeal, the diet gets broken,  we put on even more weight and we don’t even finish the book.  It seems that it is time for a change of focus.  Indeed we know it is.  That is why  I have put together this site and offer our psychological and mentoring services to improve not only your life, but the lives of those people you touch.  We are all interconnected and as one person grows in insight and vitality, their health improvements radiate out and inspires and assists others to shift in a positive manner as well.

We look forward to serving you, to helping you grow and realise your potential, in partnership with our team.  So take a look around our site and check back often as it has an array of helpful ideas, wisdom stories, blogs and links to our friends in great health.

Kind regards,

Paul North